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How long do seeds stay good for?

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I put mine in bags and vials in a container that has a little raw rice in it ,it's always in the bottom shelf of my fridge .seeds kept like that or similar should last you many many years.


The rice is to absorb any moisture from humidity.





I've got a few seeds. How long will they stay good for? I've got them in an air tight bag

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I just germinated one from a batch that is at least 8 years old. Was kept in an airtight container in bottom drawer out in a shed the whole time. Gets over 50°C and below zero sometimes in the shed. I soaked 8 seeds and only one popped open though. If they are old it just means less will work but some of them may be 15 years old or more. So there is hope if you have plenty of seeds to play with. Knowing my luck it will be a male Edited by Inthewoods
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