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Okay so I'm soon to throw some seedlings outside..




Where I'm growing is a natural rainforest. .


Lots of hardwood and ferns ECT


(Well.. where I am growing is a little bit dryer).




The soil is fairly sandy..


Would I be better off digging a hole and filling it with sheep shit and perlite, blood n bone, vermiculite, lime.


Or using a high grade potting mix with a bit of perlite??...


Cheers. Pope :D


"Sow the seed

Grow the weed




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Hey Pope, welcome to OS! lol


I would just keep it simple and fill your holes with a good grade potting mix,


there will be a plenty of members who will disagree with me here


and give you a good soil recipe which will work just as good or even better then store brought potting mix


but I like the KISS rule..

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Hey Pope, I cleaned all that bullshit up for you, if he continues just ignore it and I'll deal with him next time I'm online.


Ideally you should amend the soil in some big holes if you know what you're doing.  I don't, so I've always amended Searles Premium Potting mix with good quality coco/perlite and used that, and fed with light coco nutes, simple and effective but not as good as well prepped soil.



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Hey hashy and ............. . Don't know if I got enough dots but what brand premium soil do you recommend for seedling and then veg etc.

hey Flubbed,

yeah mate close, you missed two dots lol


the last couple of grows i used searles 5 in 1  https://www.searlesgardening.com.au/why-searles-5-1-organic-plant-food-excellent-vegetables-gardens-and-lawns


works fine...except for all the white fly in the mix... 


Im gonna stick with canna pro with the canna nutes for future grows, much better results,easy az,


as for seedlings, just a simple store brought seed raising mix, plenty to choose from,


but im indoors not outdoors..

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Sorry u had to exp that pope francis  

Not much of a welcome

After consuming copius amounts of mind altering substances some one obviously took u for real thing

Have no idea what the real pope francis would be posting on oz stoners but stranger things have happened

He was the same guy who made derogetary remarks about some poor bugger just asking 4 bit of advice about autos

We all got probs, does'nt mean gives him the right to try and drag some genuine learner down to join him in gutter

SE's popcorn brilliant

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