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Help me diagnose this leaf issue

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Growing Medium: Coco
Growing Style: Hand watering Coco A/B, seasol
Watering/Feeding Frequency: daily
Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC): unknown
PH Levels: 5.8-6
Temperature/Humidity Levels: 25 degrees / ~40% humidity
Air Flow/Fans etc.: yes
Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.): HPS
Total Wattage: 400w
Growth Stage: Week 2 12/12
Plants Age: 43 days from seedling
Cannabis Strain: starbud

Hi everyone,

Started noticing this mottled appearance on some leaves about a week or two ago. Wasn't concerned at the time as it was only 1 leaf, but then it was two, now a bunch more. I've looked over the charts and can't come up with a conclusion.

Any thoughts on what it might me? FWIW, I have another plant (blueberry headband) grown exactly the same conditions without the issue.




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Let's see what readings you get , then ph your water to 5.8 flush your plants collect the run off from both plants separately, then check the ph and ec of your run off .

Lockout occurs due to the coco coir having a negatively charged complex that is surrounded primarily by sodium and potassium.This becomes an issue when fertilising begins as the sodium and potassium will be exchanged with calcium and magnesium resulting in calcium and magnesium deficiency depends on which brand coir you used and weather you adequately flushed b4 placing plants ,so get your pen do the process and let us know what the results are and what brand coir u used

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So a bit of an update. I eventually determined it was a cal/mag deficiency. As I couldn't get to a hydro store immediately, I decided to use epsom salts, which I've been told are not good for coco, but I had no choice; this plant was dying. I put 2 teaspons in 500ml of water, brought it to near boiling and let it cool. I then added 1ml to 1.5 litres of water, adjusted pH to ~6.0-5.8 and fed the plant.


Overnight I noticed a difference, it bloomed and stretched overnight and has been flourishing ever since, so I must have been on to something.


I finally got an EC pen and some calmag over the weekend. However; since adding calmag, I can't get a stable pH or EC reading. Both meters vary wildly in the space of 30 seconds. from 6.8pH down to 5.1pH and the EC was reading anywhere from 11 (x100) up to 18. I calibrated the pH pen last night and the EC was done at the shop for me.


I'm not certain I'm reading the EC correctly, the information out there is very confusing.


Both plants seem to be happy, except for two leafs yellowing and dropping off overnight which is slightly concerning.


micmac, in regards to the coco I'm using, I forget the brand, but it's dutch (imported from NL) and I mixed it with some perlite then flushed before using it.


Thoughts? Tips? Advice?



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