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Hailea water chillers


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Hi Folks, Just wondering whether anyone has had any experience with the Hailea water chillers, specifically the HC-150A. Temps are about to rise here and am a bit concerned that i am not going to be able to keep the res temps down enough to finish this little grow off. What i am hoping you can tell me is just how much of a temp drop one of these chillers can accomplish. My res is about 150 liters and I can pick one up for $100 so will grab it it is going to help.



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If its rated 150 litres it will cool 150 litres and for $100 i'd jump on it, i picked up my RESUN 280 Chiller for $120 which was a absolute bargain, i was running my chiller with a single RDWC pot with around 20 litres total volume of water mine would kick in every 8mins or so for around 2mins


my chiller is 280 litres i was running a 500lph pump


chillers are power hungry little things so make sure its worth running mine draws something around 300 watts

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