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S1 stability/variation - Cannatonic->ACDC->Thunderstruck

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I'm wondering about the nature of S1 "selfed" seeds! or rather, the variation or stability they'll grow into. I'm assuming S1's don't result in identical-to-the-mother offspring, as nice as that might be, but rather something more along the lines of F2's?


In particular, my friend fighting cancer who's CBD-hunting got some Thunderstruck by Sin City Seeds, which are S1's of the ACDC chemotype (24:1 CBD:THC) found in the Cannatonic strain by Resin Seeds, which seems to be the base for most high-CBD strains at the moment.


Cannatonic's webpage basically states:

50% will grow into 1:1 CBD:THC

25% will grow into high CBD/low THC (but not always ACDC tho im not too sure how common it is)

25% will grow into high THC low CBD


So if they've taken ACDC and S1'd that to create Thunderstruck, any idea or guess what the resulting ratios might be like?!?!???  fascinating either way!


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