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Local Crab shell alternative

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Hi all:)


I have been wary of North American marine products for some time - both east and west sides. Also, the environmental cost of posting crustacean shell to Australia is quite high. For an easier and possibly superior alternative to crab shell (both as a liming and chitin source), I would suggest using cuttlefish bones or cuttlebones.


The primary component is aragonite (basically calcium carbonate) and the exoskeletal is made up of chitin. I've attached a study where they found the chitin and later chitosan production to be higher than crab shell.


If you live nearby a clean beach ... just pick up some of the washed ashore cuttlebones and put them in a blender - about 6-8 medium size ones will make a cup of flour. If you just want the aragonite ... use the back of a teaspoon and scrape off the soft side ... it's quite relaxing.:)


Hope this helps




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I really like the smell of MBP, especially when mixed with neem meal. :)


not to everyone's taste though ... 


reckon powdered cuttlefish bone should work well in the worm bin too.

yeah that seems to come down to alpha or beta chitin in the worm bin , ones not so good 


from memory it's alpha chitin is hard shell like crab , worms or there lill hairs that stick out are beta chitin much softer

please check that for ya self cos i might have got that ass about  

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