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This spring go and guerilla seed tour town

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this is a great idea. I can sow hundreds of bagseed in my neck of the woods come spring - It wouldn't be out of the question to go for a wee drive up the mountain to canberra and paint the nations capital green too. 


On a similar note I have a bunch of high CBD strains, swedish hemp and others I doubt I'll ever grow out and I was toying with planting them in my neighbourhood for the little buggers who vandalise things to find, get super excited and then end up with a headache. Perhaps use these seeds for the guerrilla seed tour and spread the healing power a bit instead?

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Nice castle\fort\ stone structure whatever it is. Doubt that pic was taken in Oz.


Looks like western Europe weather. Nice plant! In a cool spot!!


I wonder if lots of random planting would desensitize some of the public? Get used to seeing it a lot would be good mental conditioning for them.


Then bring on the dispensaries!!! lol


I have some bagseed......

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