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Additives:Super Bud, U-turn

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Hey everyone,

For the last 12 months a product claiming to increase yeilds by a minimun of 35%, while shortening the flowering cycle by up to 14 days has come to light.It's also claimed that it significantly rejuvenate any marginal seed or clones.Reports have had growers jumping yeilds from 7.5p to 12p in a 6 flowering cycle.The only bad report about it has been that you may get bud rot, due to the size and density of the buds.Resin production also increases to produce a frosted coated lumps of bud across the whole plant.My question is has anyone else used it, and if so, how did you go?

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g'day; i use 'canna' nutes, i have used superbud 2000 and it is good but not as great as hype from hydro seller.BonzaBud is excellent product if used according to directions on bottle.it shortens internodes and does increase yield slightly.

never use Bonza Bud on mother plant.

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howdy have used dutch masters super bud twice the first time intraduceing it the day i turned back the lights which turned them to bud instantly and stopped all verticle growth..result some of the biggest thickest scissor breaking white skunk with a knock out stone


the second way were in the middle off still this time letting the plant stretch for 9 days of 12/12 then add superbud that way adding more bud sites will keep u posted



also i belive but have never tried b4 using superbud on either scrog/sog but remember to grow that much bigger cause they stop all vert growth hence a bloody big heavy buds if you normally grow to 12inches and it steches to a 24inch finished product then grow to 20inches then induce 12/12 and add DM superbud

and WOW one hell of a BUD cheers lol

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From some of the stuff I read on OG about SOG/NFT & SB it is best to leave till weeks 3-4, waiting till your plants have stretched a bit. Adding it too early will just leave you with big fat buds on lolly sticks.


I also read in NFT systems SB strength can be reduced to 3.5ml per litre of nutrient solution as opposed the 5ml recommendations. Saves a bit and within these parameters the SB is supposed to do the business good-style.


Hope to try some of this soon.





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Guest BudWaver

Theres a FAQ at www.planetskunk.com then go to the tutorials section on SB


It will not make your plants frostier...it decreases THC and smell levels


Bonzi bud has the main chemical in it that superbud uses ...paclobutrazol...


Yeh I find it works best when applied at the 3 week stage on a 6 week strain or 4 weeks on a 7 week strain etc...why?


Its the golf balls buds vs foot long buds of rock...which do you require?


Also you can add SB at half recommended strength to try and achieve foot long buds...it takes a little longer than the explosive start that SB usually gives but the end product I think is worth it


Provided you start with a high thc level strain

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Guest BudWaver

Theres a new chem on the market which does exactly the same as SB...190$ in SA....it also does not have a list of ingrediants on it


Because the stamens on a SB bud go 95% brown ya would think they buds were done but they actually arent...ya need to look at the resin globules to see thier colour...thats perhaps why the idea of SB killing the thc levels has come along...

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