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Vision NLA. G13 Berry Autos.

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Need advice on these 2 guys.


Pics in this post are NLA.


8l rocket pots.


Hand g Coco and a&b

These are at 2.5mll\l

4ml/l bio diesel.


Water is 5.4. mix comes to 4.8/9 before balancing with seasol to bring to 5.8-6.0.

EC 1.5-1.7

Both plants get the very same. Runoff is 5.8/6 too. Water every 2 days 4l each with maybe 500ml runoff.


Under a 315w.

Temps are good now with light on 24c/40-50rh. Clip fan inside, 150mm axial extractor.


Have isolated browning and main cola on NLA. New leaves are green first then affected. Newist growth is still green.


650mm high. G13 is slower than vision.


G13 uses slightly less water than vision. Doesn't have brown spotting but has brown end curling.


I didn't start these in final pots. Started in small pot. Repotted after 2 serrated sets.


Last feed I added 1ml\l of bloom Cal mag.


Any comments welcome





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They were on 2.0ml and it was happening. Didn't see any leaf tip burn but not to say it wasn't there.


Recommend a flush with .5 EC perhaps?


Do no harm either way?


The h&g feed chart has a flush mid flowering.


These are maybe 5\6 weeks into flower, I think.


On the bio diesel instructions they say week 1-3 2ml\l and week 3-6 4ml\l


Does this mean that I should stop using it after week 6? Or at least not to continue adding until the end?


Don't think the browning started after the increase to 4ml either.



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yea they do look like they are finishing rather early don't they


that is what they do when they finish on their own, eat up available resources in the leaves.




cant think what would be forcing them to finish early is the problem im having.

i presume theyre @ 6weeks after 1st pistils were seen.


hrrrm.... have had it happen a couple years ago.

did rectify it one time.

was a photoperiod plant tho.


in my experience autos are a bit funny like that sometimes.

i would be checking trichomes still.

just in case the trichomes are all cloudy, the biological auto-flower-clock may have wound itself up early,  i dunno.


if it IS 6 weeks into flower since first pistil was seen, they might be 9-10 weeks since germination already, that would make them almost ready for harvest. lol.


harvested myself a 2gram stunted autoflower early 2013. fuck it was so shit. i smoked it all one night alone after a couple beers

fuck it was shit bud. fuck autoflowers.


thats my 2 cents worth


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if not any of that, its the root systems on those 2 plants, the leaves are showing signs of starvation.

means roots arent uptaking feed properly if thats the case.

means roots are sick if they arent doing their job

dun dun dunnnnnnnnn.....


i recon i seen it 2 other times

once was a deficency and another was toxicity.


deficency of something total bs like boron


toxicity on a cbd strain from c02 enrichment believe it.


similar looking white shine on the leaves tho.

time to get real simple about it....



leaves showing signs of lack of food to plant.

u've been adding food to the soil.

something goes wrong in middle.

must be roots.


root doctor rinses? might be an answer.

moldy root wash, something that fixes root systems, hydro store type product.

root fungus ? need a fungicide ? not sure.

pretty sure someone i read about always used fingicides w/ autoflwoers coz they got root fungus if they didnt


i know its not c02 toxicity and those autos  arent my personal cbd strain. so it isnt that either

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