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Do I worry about fan leaves?

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Hi guys,


Just a general question about nutrient deficiencies. I am into day 39 from seed on a pineapple express auto. The big fan leaves seem to be showing some sort of defiency (well​ at least it looks that way to my amateur eye, could be something else). Brown spots and purple stems. The actual bud sites look good IMO. I know as the plant flowers it sucks nutes from existing leaves. but I guess my general question is do I worry about defiencies on the fan leaves in flower?


Here are some photos




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I suggest a mod or something ask for permission to post the whole sick guide including the images on ozstoners.... So we're not advertising other websites when pointing people in the right direction of mynameisstitchs sick plant guide...https://overgrow.com/t/mynamestitchs-guide-to-plant-diseases-and-nutrient-deficiencies/845

Thanks mate that's an awesome thread! So much good info



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