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How to produce buds every month or so, needing help please

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Hello al,


Iv been thinking about the idea off how to produce weed quicker, my idea here is 2 have 2 flower rooms 1 just starting to flower and one in the middle of flowering , this way I would have a more steady supply off weed to smoke.


I'm just thinking I have not thought about the veg stages at all, I would need to count in atleast 4 weeks veg time for each plant yeah?



I hope you guys know what I mean and can help me produce more weed in a shorter amount of time...i smoke more then I should

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I've attempted this previously, but had issues with timings

I think Itchy's idea of 3 rooms is a good one due to the timings

Clones you can keep going for a bit, say 3 or 4 weeks, but then to veg a plant I need 4 weeks, then to flower is a minimum 8 weeks and I usually flower for 12 weeks.

So by the time my flowering space is finished my clones are way over time and even adding my clone time and my veg time I'm still way over. So I gave up on perpetual.

I was growing 2 BIG crops/year, rather than trying to manage perpetual, I was doing this for a few years and (Thankfully) had built up a decent stash.

I have been rather unwell for quite some time and it has only been due to my stash that I haven't need to go buy any.

So although perpetual sounds good, you have to have everything keyed in just right, with no little hiccups along the way to maintain your supply. IMO anyway.

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perpetual is prob easier with mother plants & is very strain related = short flower times


but there is another way to a single grow with big yields , consider growing lots of plants

in very small pots ( full indica prob not best choice for this , need a bit of stretch ) 


after clones have struck you veg for 2 to 7 days , once you see growth 

from the transplant you switch to flower , no longer than a week in general 


your growing a stalk , depending on strain , 7 to 14g yield per plant , question is how many small

pots can you fit side by side in your grow space


remembering your growing a stalk , no branches , if a small tall square pot was 100mm square

you would fit 10 x 10 pots = 100 pots total in a 1m tent , roughly 


if we pick the middle on yield above & say 10g per plant that's 1000g (2.2 pound ) for one week

of veg & what ever flower time 


now that's cool & all but the question of 100 clones & where will they come from

not to forget 100 plants & the LAW  


but you def have more yield with lots of small plants opposed to a few big ones 

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.....not to forget 100 plants & the LAW....

This is a very valid point. I don't see what state you are in Medical BUT in some states numbers of plants is important. One plant maybe OK, two and you're looking at a holiday. Two and lights and you're guaranteed a holiday. 100 plants, plus lights and it would be 'good night Irene'.
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I grow 4 large plants...I'm in vic for u all that didn't know....in the past we have only got a fine......that was my father.


That was 5 plants under 2 x 1000's haha mad ey cops said best buds they had seen cunts....




Anyway what is the most sufficient way to grow bud the quickest wayI really only want 6- 8 plants all at once going.


Willing to have 2 flower,rooms with 2 plants flowering in each room, does this spark any ideas regarding to how I could do my veg cycle or start it off?

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"...less wattage as possible and pants..."??????? Hopefully you keep your pants on or you may scare your plants to death, young plants could be scarred for life lol lol lol

Haha fixed mate lol...



Any idea people, basically want to grow around 8 plants or so amd have 2 flower rooms with 2 plants in each rooms, not sure how to go about vegging yet

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