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Hey one of my little 3 week old seedlings is starting to have the lowest set of leaves going yellow wilting​ and dropping off. It's the entirety of the leaf not just the tips. It's a Dwc setup at the moment but changing it to Coco pot tomorrow. Ph was 5.7 ppm only 250 ppm rain water. Any advice appreciated it is the only one out of the 4 seeds that germinated that has survived the others where learning curves and fell over quick due to being dried out got called away for work and was away 4 days wasn't happy when I got back
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Cool will start to feed it tomorrow just didn't want to start it early and have it die lol stupid thing is about 3 years back we had a couple of bag seeds all we did was fill up a dinner bowl with some soil out of the back yard put the seeds in and just watered them and a little seasol things were 2 foot tall in no time just sitting on the window sill can't believe it grew so easy with no thought or care I'm starting to think I'm over thinking this
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