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Looking for a ph and ec tester all in one

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Personally, I wouldn't be buying an all'n'one.

Usually with gadgets if it has 2 functions and one function dies (which they inevitably do) both functions are screwed.

I've had a few 'gadgets', I dropped one and it died, I dropped another pH pen in the drink and it started giving me false readings, then died.

If ya buy to separate units, that doesn't happen to both gauges at once.

P.S. pH pens can be bastard things from my experience. Now I simply use a drop of pH test fluid in a test tube. Accurate everytime if you keep the test tube clean. imo

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 Never seen a quality Pen with both . Ive gone through a dozen PH pens and replacement probes over the years . The cheap ones are not reliable for long .

I still have the Truncheon I started with.. 

I use a Eutech eco ph at the moment 2 years old and I always have the Ph drops on hand .. 

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