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Dab rigs and bits to Australia

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Ok so recently I've gotten into dabbing and making my own bho for personal use. I got my eye on a nice dab rig from a well know American seller, obviously it isn't cheap. Before I lay down cash are dab/oil rigs scrutinised by customs? 

I know that ice pipes are illegal thats a no brainer and have no use/intention to order such items, Has anyone had a dab/oil rig picked up by customs? if so what was the outcome?

I know there are Aussie sellers but what I want I can't find in their stores. 


Anyways interested to hear what you guys and gals have to say.

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Over the last 4 years I have imported a bong on average every 6 months (very clumsy stoner here lol) and have never had a problem.  I have one on the way at present in fact :P  I'm essentially a cheapskate so if I can purchase cheaper from overseas I do.

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Thanks guys, its been a while from my last o/s order, the last one I bought was a HVY fish perc rig style bong but then the ice pipes got banned in Victoria (like thats gonna stop meth heads) and thought a dab/oil rig might be considered an ice pipe, anyways was a little concerned paying out a few hundred on a quality piece only for it to adorn the collection cabinet of some customs worker.



Ive lost a bit of stuff over the years and often think customs officers just keep a label pad with their address on it and if its something good comes through the X-ray and it isn't registered their address label gets placed over yours and you never get your package.....is it only me? lol  

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