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Coffee /Choc/tea/cannibas infused milk /oil

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I often have a coffee and put a small amount of oil with the warm milk

it can take 1/2 hours to start to feel the effects and last generally 4-6 hrs 

1/5 of a teaspoon of oil let it dissolve ...you will see the fatty oils on the surface ....slight herb taste 

Great with bacon and eggs on a weekend breakfast...


love the music of traditional daytime television cooking shows with Matt.....ralmfao




He drags this out way too long


Make some oil .....time? depends how you do it 


 Now time to have it 5 minutes


Make a coffee...

put a 1/5th teaspoon of oil in the coffee ...stir....drink



Bubbles on top at the beginning are THC oil



You dont need butter it will bind with milk 

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I felt like I was tripping the first time i had it ..with oil ..  made some from 2 ounces into oil  ..it is hilarious

I dont de carb.... i still have to try that.

Still works for me




How long did it take to feel it ? and last?from 2.5grams

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I make my infusion using coconut oil, and also make it using unpressed hash as it makes dosage predictable and means I don't have to strain the oil at the end.  1 gram in each tablespoon of coconut oil makes a good strong batch that requires very little to work.  I keep it in a syringe to make measuring dosage easy, and when making cookies/brownies etc I'll measure out a dose into each one before cooking at 140c.  But simply stirring a dose into the milk for a cappucino is the quickest and easiest, and the hash taste goes nicely with the coffee taste, that's how I consume over 90% of my medibles. 


Need to get off my fat arse and make another batch as I've run out.


Another option is to simply drop some hash into the milk based coffee.  Takes a lot more, and doesn't really get you stoned as such, but it is an inefficient but simple way to get a little numb and sedated.

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