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Australian made nutrients, Whats avalible?

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Youre dreaming, australia is still in the fucking dark ages ....

I`m no expert in this field however it is very hard to believe there are not any Australian made Nutrients to suit such a system? iv heard any synthetic nute can be used in a RDWC system! am i correct?

atm i`m running a semi DWC system all that is different is im using the 27litre nutrifield tubs that stack inside each other, next grow im changing to a complete RDWC system, rite now im using Ozi Magics range but as they are part organic i want to change to synthetic as i notice the ph in my system drastically goes up and down and im putting that down to the nutrients being ran in a semi DWC system. i also have a root rot issue atm i think the nutes may have helped that problem on its way.

Anyway im looking at The professor`s nute range also Growth Technology nutrients....I have not been able to find any other Australian made nute apart from Grow Hard, and i have not heard anything about them? are they good? iv heard they teamed up with ozi magic.


if anyone can help me that would be much appreciated.

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Ive used GreenDream in DWC which I believe is made in Perth??? Get some bio bugs or H2O2 to help with the root rot.

cool thanks for that i was`nt aware Flairform was Aussie made. ;0


im interested in there DutchTreat as i have hard water etc, how did the GreenDream go on your grow?


also ill look into the bio bugs and the H2O2. cheers!

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GreenDream is made by the company Flairform. They produce all sorts of hydro nutes and additives. I use their GreenDream, pH up/down, pH test kits. It's all good product


They are in Perth suburb of Applecross

cool thanks, how about there nute called DutchTreat, has anyone using this atm? wondering if its just as good?


also merl1n do you use there additives at all? are they worth it? or do you get good results just from there nutes?

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