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Shipping Clones


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Hi all


Just wondering how others prepare and ship their clones around the place. Has anyone used those clone shippers that are sold in the OS store? Looks like a good reusable option for trading genetics.


I know this can be a touchy subject so I understand if no one wants to talk about the packaging, but how do you prepare them to give them the best possible chance of surviving being kicked around in the post?



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There is a detailed guide on here somewhere.......You need to have a search.


Yes correct there is a guide here written by da cronic if I remember, however I was looking for others opinions and methods as there is always more then 1 way to skin a cat or in this case post clones. I've always had good success sending them inside 2 halves of a 500ml bottle sealed together like a capsule and was interested how others do it :)


EDIT - Guide was written by WantDaChronic back in 2006 :)

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This is a topic you may not get to many replys to.


We dont want the law to cotton to all the diff methods that are used...

Thanks ozzy, it was just something I was thinking about the other day and thought I'd put it out there. Please feel free to lock it if the topic has run its course :)

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