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A loupe a frst for me

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Bought my first loupe thought i would get the best one and it is incredibly difficult to use, i got the 60x 100x with focus and zoom plus LED and UV lights


how on earth do u manage to use one of these? mine clips onto a phone


i managed one shot and it had to be touching the leaf i wanna know how to do side on shots


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Im a bit old school, I have a handheld 10x that works fine for trich viewing. Not sure about the ones that connect to your phone camera, perhaps turn off auto focus on the camera settings? I know that if I turn the auto focus off on my Olympus OMD the macro is much easier to work with.

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I had one of those for my old phone, didn't have lights though.


I also found it had to touch the plant, but it was because the lenses was slightly recessed.


I then used the phone zoom to find the sweet spot.


With practise it got easier.


Pics were the hardest thing, you see it great on screen, but when you squeeze the photo button it moves the camera ever so slightly and you end up with shit, blurry pics...

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