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When should i harvest sativa?

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Hey guys i dont know if this topic belongs here or not but anyway as you know i have a sativa, i dont have much of a clue regarding them as i only harvested my first indica recently, so i wanted to know when should i harvest? like what combination of trich colours for sativas also i dont know if its a 50/50 hybrid or a sativa dominant how can i tell ? as the plant started out as a perfect indica bush with massive hand sized leaves and as it stretched it turned all sativa? Thanks guys for reading
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Well as for purpose i harvested my pure indica at 90 percent cloudy 10 amber, and its actually all head which is confusing because i thought being a pure indica it should still give a somewhat body effect at cloudy trichs but just not proper couchlock, so i guess being a hybrid i should harvest my sativa at 50/50 cloudy trich and amber
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Yep kickarse is right a seasoned grower often can tell just by looking but if your not sure put it under the microscope, I do experiments with different trich ratios every year but I like to harvest my sativas at about 50 to 75 because that's the ratio that seems to just smash me and makes me think WOW I'm so out of it having said that everybody is different so why not try staggering your havest at different ratios and see what works best for you,good luck james
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