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What should i do with my plants in the rain?

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As long as it not to heavy rain they should be ok they not to far into flower that mold will not b an issue.


Once the sun is back watch em take off...

Yeah I didn't want to cover them because I know that will spike the humidity up and may cause issues while wet ..It's only on and off rain for the rest of the week ..It may flood as this time of year Wollongong usually does so heavy rain may come but of it gets to bad I'll just move them under a tree..Thanks Ozzy420

Should probz not place the removed leaves back in the pot cause then your feeding the plant something you just took off the plant cause its not doing it any good

I didn't they fell off last night I'll go out in a min and remove them
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I used to put them at the bottom of my plants untill I notice I infected the whole plant

Leaves are always falling off midget Mary she's lived a very stressful life so far lol.. Tipped, pruned, LST then un-bending because I wasn't happy with it ..All sorts lol. But she keeps on keeping on like the trooper she is :)
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