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Church of Ubuntu vs Dr's over Boys Cannabis Therapy

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You are incorrect


I am very familiar with this families story


There is much more to this story then is in the media, much more!


It was not Dr(?) Katalris who who told her to stop the Forumla


It was 100% the parents who stopped the forumla and put Chase on a Veg and Fruit "forulma"


1000% behind the family on their decision and it should be their decision alone.




IMO It wasnt the smartest thing to do flee the state and harbor themselves within the Church of Ubunta,


with this Quack!


but when you have nowhere else to go,


and nobody is listing to you,

you do desperate things.


Only a Mother knows what is best for for child.

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Not a nice situation for ANY parent to be facing, let alone a parent of a child with a life threatening condition.

I will be the very last person to be supporting the medical fraternity. I personally have been dealing with their arrogant "We are right" attitude for years, decades even. And then when things do go pearshaped, there is nobody taking any responsibility from the medicos, even when their advise has been followed.

I agree with ......... "...but when you have nowhere else to go, and nobody is listing to you, you do desperate things". And "Only a Mother knows what is best for for child".

With news paper reports there is always a big dose of interpretation, the reporter's interpretation and the readers' interpretation. Without ALL the facts, you and I are simply guessing. IMO no parent would intentionally cause harm knowingly. They may make misaligned choices. But if faced with a situation as dire could any of us say what we would do ourselves. Its not until you are in that situation, when you have to make those choices, make those decisions, that you can truly comprehend it.

I have had the misfortune to be VERY close both as a family member and as a support worker for families in some F%$KD up medical situations, to be involved in some very similar circumstances, to be thinking 'logically' 'rationally' in these scenarios is beyond challenging. As a worker you have to think of the legal ramifications, of which there are many and try to keep a level head, I did say 'try'. But as family, oh hell, as a HUMAN BEING, You do whatever you believe is best for you and your family and FUCK THE LAW.

Some would say WTF, The Church of Ubunta???? and Katalaris??? OMG of all the people to trust?. But when the medicos have no answer, you naturally look for an alternative. ANY ALTERNATIVE!!! I personally wouldn't be trusting Katalaris as far as I could kick the man, but he is an alternative. In time to come we may be able to say 'we told you so' but until such time that any of us are faced with such a predicament, NONE OF US SHOULD EVER SIT IN JUDGEMENT. NONE OF US!!!!! She needs empathy and understanding, not judgement.


Being on the outside looking in is simple, being in the middle is far, far from anything resembling simple.



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I can partially relate to the family's concern in regards to the nutrition formula, as the government subsidised supply is manufactured in China. Years ago it was previously made in the U.S.A. but the government dropped it and went for cheaper option from China. Which in turn has made it near impossible to source the product from the States anymore. Many parents are unhappy about this situation.


That said though, it sounds as if the family has gone off the rails a bit with their situation. Hopefully no harm comes to the kid, long term.

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If there are concerns with formula get it analysed and then potential problems can be put on paper and get the ball rolling in regard to changes as nothing will happen if you just throw your hands in the air and give up.

If there are problems with governments supply ,and you have proof expose them to news media!

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