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Double fan exhaust setup question

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G'day all. I currently have a small setup with a couple of plants in a 0.9 x 0.5 x 1.6 m tent. I have a 250 w hps in a cool tube for my lighting with some t5s for side lighting. My exhaust system is 4 inch carbon filter > cool tube > 120 cfm (200m cubed/hr) mix flow fan > ducting out of the tent. This fan should be more than fine for this small setup but I'm having to have quite a large length of ducting to exhaust my air out of a window. This fan I don't think has quite enough power to push the air adequately that far. Is it ok to have 2 fans on the same ducting? I'm thinking I'll put another fan half way along the ducting that is outside of the tent. Would there be any problems with that? Just so we're clear it would be like this-


Filter- cooltube- fan - ducting out of the tent- fan- ducting- window.


Thanks in advance!

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