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Germination of marijuana seed in carbonated mineral water

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Hi everyone, I'm new.


I've read lately that the carbonated mineral water makes the seeds germinate faster.

Is the carbonated mineral water normal water that simply has air bubbles or does it have some other component?

Does the fact that the seeds supposedly germinate faster in its onset produces some other benefit in the flowering stage?

One of the reasons that made me enter this forum and ask you this is because of this video:




A greeting!

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never seen that B4

the description used mineral water , the same description can be used for fulvic acid

including the benefits through the whole life of the plant 


fulvic is a catalyst for enzymes , enzymes are what's kicking into gear at germination 

US growers the Sativa Sisters use putting the seeds in there mouth for there saliva for same reason


soaking seeds in a 1 to 100 solution of fulvic & water will have them crack in less than 12hrs , lill longer if cold

but more females if colder = more males if warmer 


can be used on all most all type of seeds , really good for old seeds especially , worth trying just to see the diff

Dinkum Seeds now uses the fulvic method after i sent him some fulvic to try 


def long term benefit to germinating like this than using just tap water imho

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Before watching the vid I had thought on a completely different method, but not like that.  I've had fresh seed crack and then break surface within the same timeframe using plain water, so I'm seeing no time advantage.  As for later advantage, aside from plenty of other factors in the in between time, I don't see any, though it is slightly possible I suppose.  I'd rather try Itchy's fulvic idea.


However, my initial thought, which i will try one day, was soaking in sparkling mineral water.  Thinking all the bubbles might help prevent the seed drowning if left in too long.  Obvious problem being carbonated rather than oxygenated, but who know, shits and giggles and all that :D .  With home brand sparkling mineral water at 0.75c per bottle though, why not try it out.



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my seeds germinate within 24hours using tap water...why pay for something you do not need

there would be zero benefit later on



Wrong. If there are any mold spores or contaminants on the seeds youre going to want to use filtered water like bottled carbonated water If its bagseed youre going to want to and hell if youve paid for your beans you might want to use bottled water, doesnt need to be carbonated. Bottled carbonated water is supposed to speed up germination. Demineralised water with a minute amount of bleach seems to work exceptionally.

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