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Drivers on Drugs

Do you drive while stoned?  

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I've been driving for 15 yrs. I have to admit, on the odd occasion I have got behind the wheel after drinking. But never have I got excited and driven like an idiot. I'm not making excuses, drink driving definately kills. However, I'm not ashamed of driving while stoned. Stoned drivers tend to be alert and cautious. From what I have read of ppl who've been in accidents with thc in their system, most of the cases have been from ppl who are high on meth and have smoked weed as well. Being awake for days on end will impair even the most head strong. It's a shame that weed and methamphetemine have been seen together like that because it gives weed a bad name to the ignorant.



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No i dont smoke then jump in the car or do i smoke in car but have alooong time ago.


yes i would/do drive my car within 5 hours of smoking with little to no problems.


Driving pissy find that a little hard.




As Bent said above from cases ive heard of there are other drug combined with weed that cause problems.

Think ive told this story but a while back i knew a guy that spent 2.5 years in Jail for killing someone in a crash and probally saved the other passengers in other car. Accident was neither fault Head on within speed limit on narrow country road long bend at sunrise. In ?s car was weed said bought from day before but was charged with same charge as drink killing.


Being no way to prove or disprove use within hours of crash he plead guilty and was lucky with sentance.

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aren't you supposed to be innocent untill proven guilty??


:doh: ... Nope ... It doesn't work that way no more.


The system is flawed and unjust ... It needs to be killed ... but people keep feeding it and stroking Its head ...


A Pig can do you for anything at anytime if they so choose ... regardless of your innocence ...


That is why they are Fucked and should all drop dead.



((Ahem) ... I wrote a fair bit more .. But It had to be deleted.)


Budman :doh:


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As long as noone eles is in my car i will , But only its its Just a buzzin stone . I prefer for others saftey not to drive when im totaly stoned . did it a month or 2 back an i have NO idea what way i came home or anything , i just rember the few sts before home . car was parked perfect an didnt hit the car that was extreamly close so musnt be to bad ;)
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