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Alternative to Paper Towels to kickoff Seeds

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I never really liked paper towels although they worked for me with mixed results but I decided to try something else on my last grow and this idea worked perfectly. it's not that eco-friendly i guess but then again you can reuse them over and over which is nice.




What I do is I get a couple of chux squares off a roll and place one on bottom of any plastic or whatever container you have. Takeaway container works well as you can place lid on to get more humidity (not close). Place one on top of the seeds once you put them in.


FIRST THOUGH WASH the chux out in fresh water in case anything is in them from factory. Then just use as you would paper towels. The great thing is that you can open the top up and it's a lot cleaner than paper which can tear when wet. All my seeds sprouted no worries. I washed my towels and container afterwards to reuse for next time.



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