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Horrific day

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Had a horrific day today when re staking my girls.

One of them has a beautiful four way junction at her stem base which when I was LST and staking it I noticed she'd spilt right down the center! Arghh!!

Mind you I'm pre flowering and I don't want my girl having to repair herself this late.

I've managed to tie her up around the stem and also keep the tops out where they need to be.

Wish me luck. Hopefully she'll just repair and flower beautifully or am I just too optimistic?

Anyway, I've given her the best possible chance.

Also I've done some lollipopping and trimming.

Mixed in some blood and bone and watered that in with molasses water.

Apart from all that I also built a trellis around one of my girls.

Busy day today, the wife was wondering where the hell I was.

Please comment, any opinions, suggestions, criticism.

Let's share this grow. 3f631b92478bca704c2bfa0cc7b6cc84.jpg

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Ohh shit, not good, have done something similar and although my initial reaction was of OHHHHH SHIT!!!! it wasn't the deadly action I first envisaged.

Here's why:-

Plant stem is made up of a hard woody centre to the green outer surface, just under the green is a layer called phloem. Trees for example have a layer of bark this layer protects the phloem, with canna the green bit protects the phloem from environment factors. The phloem is the plants feed route and so long as the feed route is protected and still intact the plant or that stem will continue to grow. This is why ringbarking a tree or plant will kill it off, as the goodness from the ground that a plant needs can't get to where it is needed. The woody part of the stem gives the plant strength to stand up right, but has very little nutrient source for the plant at all.


A stem splitting is not uncommon. I knew a grower who wrapped lacing wire around the broken stem to close the split. The tight wire crush the feed route and cut it off, causing that stem to dry out and die. You would be much better off using wide adhesive tap to help hold the stem together. You do not want water to sit in the split, as this can cause mould and disease to rot the stem and kill the whole plant.

When mine split, I left it as it was post split. I supported both sides of the split, so as not to have it split further. As all of my fluids are pumped to the top of my pot and drains down, no fluids got to the stem split. I allowed any moisture to evaporate from the 'wound' and it dried out. The plant survived. PHEW


So, my advise, support that stem and keep that feed route in place at all costs. And all 'should' be fine



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