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how do I make a SCROG and what's the benefit

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I SCROG with every grow as I'm restricted by height.

By going SCROG (SCReen Of Green) I can fill my space horizontally, but still leave enough space for the buds to grow vertically.

I do all my growth training prior to turning 12/12, this reduces the chances of it turning spindly imo

From the top of my pots (pot in pot system) I have a steel table frame covered in steel mesh and all growth is trained out under the steel net  bit like a starfish, plant in the middle(not weaved, cos if weaved come harvest it's a bitch)

Once the mesh is full, I trim/strip all of the undergrowth out to assist with airflow and reduce stress on the lower buds that don't get much light, too much stress and those lower sites can produce balls. Not what you want.

Then I turn 12/12. Upon doing so there is a HUGE growth splurt, I allow the splurt to grow up thru the netting. I use two trailer nets to support these stems as this is where the buds form. The buds get pretty weighty and without the trailer nets the buds bend down facing the floor, again not what you want. 

Here's a pic https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/gallery/image/10063-7/

In the top right corner you can see the top of the table leg that pokes thru, on top of it is a fan. Just below the fan is the cable of one of the trailer nets. In the bottom right of the pic you can see the cable running to the opposite leg.

One of the benefits of SCROG is that when you go 12/12 the buds all grow up evenly/equal. So you don't get one bud shading other buds, the light spread is even. From that pic you can see the even spread and the bud density.


Hope it helps


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Yep, Scrog is good especially if you only have one or two plants.. 


The down side is you cant move them once you start.  Unfortunately, i have to be able to move everything in emergency.. At least once or twice a year i have to pack everything up and hide it for a day and then bring it back out. Sux because i would be doing a scrog otherwise.

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