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SE Queendsland

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I am in south east queensland and I was wanting to do a small grow in my backyard. So I have alot of old bag seed and some not so old. I tried 2 methods of germination one on tissue under plates, one in distilled water and it's been a few days and the seeds have swelled but none have cracked. I dont remember it taking this long.

Should I try another method? or just give up as it is getting pretty late in the season.

I was hoping for relatively small plants!

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I just place the seeds in a reputable seed-raising mix...or you could make one but meh....gentle water in. Similar geography here gonna start flowering soon get them cracking? Maybe a mass (20-30 or so) sowing and cull down to get a nice 5-10 plant SOG of 1-2ft plants? Mind those who would oppress you.

Faith :sun:

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I always went by the thing of pinch them if they dont pop there good . Easy way to germ is to get paper towel put seeds in fold in half soak in water and let the excess water drip out then put into a zip lock bag . Put that in a shoe box in a dark worm to cool place for 2 or 3 days and check to see if the root has popped . Thats it . .


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