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Curling leaves

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yes hi serrated 


i was not feeding it too much once a week seasol in smaller quantities than the bottle said as the plant is in good potting soil 

which has blood and bone and manure in it as well so the feed part should be ok i reckon but the moisture meter i bought said that the ph was a little alkaline

and am in the process of fixing that now.


it funny i have another two plants in the same soil next to this one and they have no probs the ph is the same as this one too, that is why it has me stuffed

the roots are good and clean i have just transplanted it to a bigger pot as i also thought of it being root bound but it was no where as bad as the other one which was really root bound put that in a bigger pot too lol so we will see what the next few days show.


dad boy durb

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Yes thanks serrated they is looking better after some good food and loving will put up some pics soon but I want to get them in the ground but that won't happen till after moving so they may only get one month of good soil life before they flower lol all good as this is a seed run for pure Durban poison lol


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