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How can i get rid of fungas gnats .

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Hi i have a root problem . Seems like i have a fungas in my root system. I'v flushed them and tried to keep ph around 5.8 and ec levels about 1.0 / 1.3 . Iv still got yellowing of the leaves and a few spots . Im using a power active product to help but yer .e00d67666219ca9ecc994d4c0a5fc61a.jpg Can anyone help pls


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if your gnats are bad and you are desperate you can add a product like Scarid 10.


For myself, I innocculate my grow medium w/ Endo Mycorrhizae.

This usually works 9/10.

Innoculated mediums (Endo mycorrhizae) tend to stop larvae feeding on the roots. 


If I find I have em floating around a lil bit , I add 15mL of neem oil to a 10 Litre bucket of nutrients and drench the medium w/ it 2-3 feeds in a row.

This stops larvae in the plants root system from digesting anything properly and stops them from metamorphisizing into gnats.

Also I give the surface of the medium a soft spray covering of organic pyrethrum.

Then I unravel a sticky fly paper roll and lay it around the base of the stem and around the pot.


Once you eliminate the gnats from laying eggs , you have no problems.

Stopping them metamorphisizng and dying of starvation/digestion problems is only a matter of a couple weeks.

the fungus gnats themselves are literally not harmful to the plant, its just the larvae feeding on roots that do the damage.


50mm layer of clay balls over your medium tends to stop the fungus gnats laying eggs also as they dont go any further than around 40-50mm under the surface.

they can't lay eggs in the clay balls.


A thin Dimaticious earth layer over the top of your grow medium also works because it is too fine of a medium for the gnats to crawl into.

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