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I grow without a tent now .... 3x3 SOG.

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Hey guys. for a while I was using a cupboard. Im now at a different location and have a 2.2.m by 3.0 room.

I have a 3x3 Flood drain table in the corner of the room. and a LARGE adjustawing over the top of it with 2 x 600W GLOBES.

I obviously cant be chucking this into a tent due to ventaliation issues. Even without the room and two 600s blasting in the corner it hovers around 29C flowering during the nighttime bringing in air and extrating into the roof.
I do have two sides of the table reflecting light been against the white painted wall. The hood with the bulbs does shoot the light down onto the 3x3 table pretty well.

I find the adjustawing large is a perfect size in the shortest narrow setting to cover the table completley. 

I just wonder how this is now going to affect my total yield and product. to my knowledge 600s cover a good 3x3. but what about all the light that gets wasted?. Have to wear sunnies when going into the room 
I cant find another way unless i start to use glass reflectors and cooling them down but its not my thing. and im really limited in what reflectors I could use to house two 600s anyway for that 3x3 tent footprint if I chose that option.

So In this case does the ""jams as many lumens per square foot into a area still apply to my situation" ?... Or could I be getting more bang for buck and reaching my yield goals using a 2.m tent to cut down the size of the light distrubution?
I must repeat that the adjustawing I have really focuses and intensifys the light down to that 3x3 area. Its blasting. But the room is god damn bright obviously...

The room is in complete darkness in off hours. Its just kinda funny as you got this tiny table with a huge wing over it in the corner of the room but im finding it easier as to control my temps this way. 
I am a sog guy on a 3x3. I use to use one 1000W above but have changed to 600w and can just notice the footprint its giving off is more focused to my little table and more localised to the corner of the room of the 3x3 table.

opionions? should I be buying a 1.5x1.5 tent and put my 3x3 table inside that space? or it doesnt really matter due to my reflector covering the table and globe footprint of the 3x3 area is real intense and bright and giving me the option to run two 600s in one shade over the table without a tent.? 

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Photos would be good .


Never had that many Watts over such a small area they must love it though


I'd be more inclined to have two side by side tables With one light over each.


Each table benefits from the other light.


I suppose you could rig something up to help with reflection as long as it doesn't inhibit air circulation .


The more messing around doing that might mean it's better to just get a tent .

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How about a partition (like a room divider ) covered in Mylar or painted white ? Stick that in front of the tray to reflect the light back into the grow. You could move it easily enough when you need to access the garden and it wont restrict any air flow either.. But me I'd up size the tray and grow more plants under all that light [emoji16]



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