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A very bad year but still hopeful..

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(dunno if this is the place to post this,but sure someone will fill me in)...G'day all :good: I'm a newbie here & a dunce when it comes to growing...but I have a crack :-)

Am just past mid century in years & got into trying to grow for personal use 2 seasons back.

Had two ok crops,but even to try get germination this year has been fucked here in Sandgroper land :(

The weather has been totally fucked!..mainly under 25c,with a few hot days thrown in...Plus I had old dodgy bag seed stock I've collected from here n there.

Anyone else in west oz had troubles??


I grow fully outdoors,using 1/2 decent sized pots(290ml & a couple 430ml),potting mix from bunnings(Baileys or osmacote I think),a seaweed fert or seasol & purple bloom for flowers.



I've tried all ways of germination since middle of Sept..dropped into glass of filtered water till popped,paper towels & straight into soil.But as I said the weather has been totally up & down & has only been in the last week  that I finally have half doz seeds sprouted,so there is a glimmer of hope of a smoke for 2017...I asked numerous friends for seed donations & was given some thankfully :bounce:...May invest in a heatpad etc for next year.!?

Here are my hopefuls ..& they have been up a week!...very slow going as the weather is still uncooperative.




Anyone know what this little tacker on the leaves is?!? ..put a jewelers loop over ph camera for close up...I'm cheap lol)



Anyway,just chillin & thought I'd join & contribute here & say G'day whilst waiting for 2016 to roll over.


Peace ya all..stay safe & un-busted...END PROHIBITION









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dunno where in WA you are, down south i assume (dont tell me)

All AOK here in perth area weather wise.

sprouted end of september, no problems.


seeds were prob no good, I just soak over night and stick in soil next day, all popped up.

fresh , good seeds should be no trouble.


least you got some now, dunno what that bug is, sorry.

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