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lets debate! using organic flower stimulants in FULL hydro res?

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Hey guys. Im up for a bit of a debate on this subject. To my knowledge and what ive always known is that you cannot use organic bloom boosters during flower in pure hydro.


Lets say you have a 3x3 flood and drain table for instance. And you have some plants in rockwool and the roots are sitting in the clay pebbles on the table as an example. You do not have coco as a medium. Nothing. Now all these stimulators on the market as an example... liquid lead or bio diesal which are awesome flower boosters. Ive used these in coco with awesome results and have gotten great buds.


But how can you use a "live" organic based booster like bio diesel which is full of different types of "live" organisms like bat guano bat shit which bio diesals primary key element is. To my thinking its going to cause a world of problems. How can it hold to the roots and uptake the nutrient when your short flooding on a flood table? Hydroton drys out real fast. Theres no time for it to be live in the medium and work itself.


Reason two...


So your using a bloom booster which there is hundred on the market based at coco growing. Ozi magic. Bio diesel with bat shit in your resovoir.


How can it be live when your oxygenating the absoulute hell out of 160 litre resovoir instead of letting it sit to bind itself in the water. Its not like you can pick up the tub and shake it... oxygenating the water with air pumps is a necessary and I have done some research on how it wont work. It cant stay live in the resovoir. I dont know how or why it wouldnt work but there is a huge debate over at another stoner forum currently.


I recently was looking at purchasing some great white. A myco product. Again. This is a LIVE bacteria (good ones for your roots). If this stuff is living in your resovoir. Been oxygenated and has minimal time to flood the table two or three hours it has no medium to bind to and "thrive". Ie like coco can.


Alot of full hydro growers go FULLY synthetic. Lets give an example...


Cyco Supa Stiky. The stuff is designed for full hydro applications.



Now which finally brings me to the second part of my discussion on this whole bloom boosters and LIVING bacterias. Amino acids. Carbs etc in full hydro.


Many are going to dissagree with me on this because it doesnt go with we have been "taught" of how hydro is suppose to be.


And that is to add "coco coir" plugs into a flood table

Or DWC. A method that is done with this im giving credit to is highcountry on icmag in the aussie growers section.


He clones in jiffy peat pellets. Once they get big enough he transplants them into a 40 cell propergation tray containing coco and perlite. Purely.


Then once they are ready he simple takes them out and dumps them into the flood table filled with hydroton. Now what happens here is that you can use "live" organic booster stimulators and myco root products. Its a mix up with hydro and coco.


Some would say thats ridicilous and defeats hydro and thats not what we have been taught in growing hydro! But his results speak for themselves. It works. However reading highcountrys SOG flood table thread he just uses plain hydro specific nutes. I dont see him having any weird deffiencies because he is running coco in the tray and the nutrient floods the coco too.


Obviously the roots start to spread throughout the table.


Now its what I like to call it with this design is

1. Primary root system

2. Secondary root system.


Primary root system which is the coco plug has the live bacteria living inside the coco mix


Secondary is roots that are thriving sideways out of the coco plugs into the hydroton pebbles.


In total. Giving you the option to use an organic mix lineup in a hydro system.


Id like to get some input on what im saying. Ive only started this thread because i just notice walking through my local shop the less not so many options I have for bloom stimulators. Special nice key elements like aminos etc etc.



1. Is there a problem running ie liqued lead in a oxygenated resovoir. Or is it a fungas root rotting haven for disaster?


2. Is there enough medium of coco in a 100mm deep plug sitting in a hydroton flood tray enough to be beneficial and hold LIVE bacteria.



3. The feeding schedule for high countrys design is to flood for only 5 minutes every 3 hours. Thats 3 floods a day because of the holding water capacity of coco coir.


4. I oxygenate my reso. But can you start to oxygenate myco or bat shit guano found in bio diesel bloom stim without turning into a gunky non working mess.


In the final summary. Id really love to add all these special myko products like great white.. all these awesome new bloom boosters like bio diesel and improve my quality. I am strictly just using base nutes and synthetic PK in my flood table


My coco plants kick ass with all my other additivies i can use. Theyre alot better as I have living bacteria in them and loads of good shit.


Here is some pictures. Pictures credited to fellow aussie highcountry on icmag.


Lets discuss what we have been taught NOT to do because i love to experiment and try new things.

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Now remwmbering from what i have said in the first post highcountry is using HYDRO specific a and b nutrients (base) only in his grows. And is flooding 15mins every 3 hours. And once at night during heavy flower.


So lets debate. The coco could swing PH everywhere.

root rot?

Great idea for live beneficials because of the coco as primary root system.


Personally I think its great. Its a bit outsidd of the box but this could enable people to start adding more nutrients into their lineup for better quality pot or stepping away from synthised chems.


Or in my case. Synthetic base nutes with bat shit bio diesal bloom stims... id like to give it a go and step away from hydroponic rockwool.


Lets go!


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