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Cyco Nutrients

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A few yrs ago a seller told me the cyco A+B+C Flower in silver bottles wasn't very good or healthy for people.

Great for ornamentals , flowers for show , photos etc.

several other stores have said the same

most stores wont stock it because of morals you will find.


I think the rest of their products are safe, I havn't ever touched cyco because of the A+B+C silver bottles.

PGR's that were harmful to human consumption , were what I was previously informed of.


I can't prove it so I don't dare to try either coz I'm into organics & decent clean minerals man.

I think I'll stay that way



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na no worries mate, cheers for the info, ill do a bit more digging.. see what i can find out, i know the only do A+B Bloom and A+B Flower..








maybe the C is off the menu so to speak..?



wowsers what just happened?

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