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Sun Scorched Plants

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they'll take a while to bounce back I'd say


If you burned the leaves from taking them from indoors to under direct sunlight, I would say you will watch all those leaves drop and wait for new growth to come through.


Could take 3-4 weeks if so.


I had it happen to me a few times when i was introducing plants to the sun and forgot they were out there, didnt move them into the shade after a hr.


Only a learning curve



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the thing I found with Cannabis in pots is to always have a saucer of water under them.  I have felt the soil to be very hot from the sun shining on the side of the pot --- yet the


plant was fine cos of the saucer of water the pot was sitting in.  steel drums eg 20L get awful hot too but if they're sitting in a saucer of water all is ok.  25mm - 50mm is ok. 


cannabis plants can drink a lot of water and providing the nutrient is there too they grow fast.  you shouldn't have trouble with humidity change (I guess you've noticed its been


very high these last few days).

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I've started all of my outdoor plants under lights, usually HPS but at one stage T5 Fluro, and I've always just taken them bush and put them in their final spot without any hardening off process at all.  I have never had any issues with stress or burnt leaves, and we have the double whammy of brutal heat and low humidity, so I've always wondered what all the fuss is about? 


2 things I don't do however are; I don't foliar feed or wet the leaves except for insecticide which I do at the end of the day, and I don't put them in exposed pots.  I either put them in the ground or bury the pots in the ground.  Fucking up on either of those can do a lot of damage, so maybe that's a starting point for something to look at.

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How do I start a new topic on here?? Anyway anyone have any idea what going on here this big banger has been going for ages now and just isn't wanting to flower whilst my nemesis is a few weeks into flowering



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