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church of ubuntu busted with plants in newcastle

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bj futter andrew katelaris church of ubuntu operation busted with so called medical cannabis 




More than 200 plants suspected of being used for medicinal cannabis seized during police raid in Newcastle


POLICE have raided an inner-city unit and allegedly discovered 215 cannabis plants in a hydroponic set-up.
Newcastle City crime manager Detective Inspector Peter Mahon said he was aware that the plants were being used for medicinal cannabis use but growing the plants was still illegal.
He said officers were acting on information they had received.
A Pantec truck is now parked in Newcomen Street as officers work to clear the unit of the plants and other items.
More to come
too bad lol 
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as i said before there is a crack down going on to close the australian dispensaries by the police.

the increase in advocacy and the increase in support for medical Cannabis has caused a push back by politicians and the police.

hypocrites that they are, on one hand they are saying to the families of patients all this supportive bullshit while on the other hand cutting off the supply of their medication. 


have no doubt brothers and sisters you are dealing with one of the most corrupt and repressive political system in the western world.


The Brexit, Donald trump and One Nation phenomena are symptoms of a malaise which is the hypocrisy that lies at the heart of governments all over the world.

Corporations and their agendas are dictating the policies of governments who aqueous to their agendas to gain their support because without it they cant get elected.

( for example the Mining Tax Labour tried to introduce ie: a fair payment for the public resources being used by mining companies to make profit.)


And we the sheep, slavishly adopt the opinions of the paid propagandists who twist and bend every news item to fit a preconceived policy goal.

there are literally thousands of people employed in this country in 'think tanks', industry organisations and media companies who are employed to produce this propaganda.


There are more paid propagandist now in australia than were employed in the Dept of Propaganda in Nazi Germany.

all paid for by corporate donations and all receiving large sums of money to sprout this poison into our community.


dont believe me!  Buy the Australian or Daily Telegraph and count the number of opinion pieces and look at the bias in each piece and its attempt to influence you in one direction only.


look at our parliament. on second thoughts dont. its too depresing.


i'll keep growing my own. I'll be dead before this poxy lot of Nazis and their brown shirts start treating people with compassion.


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I always thought this Katelaris guy was a dodgy profiteering arsehole (unless I'm getting him mixed up with one of the other arseholes), but on the other hand some people were getting medications that were helping them that they otherwise wouldn't have, so I can't quite celebrate this prick going down.  Mind you, if he set up a church it should be obvious how much of a money grubbing fucktard he is.


Aside from that I have to agree with Slicker, pretty much right on the money.  In my mind the only reason pollies have been so seemingly positive about med canna lately is that Haslam opened the door to the minds of the right wing within the community allowing back room deals with big corporate entities to be put into action.  And now that these cunts are set up to rake in some cash they are clearly getting their minions (politicians) to get their private militias (police) to make sure none of the potential wealth gets to go anywhere else.  I only see it getting worse rather than better.  Rambo Rod etc are bottom feeding scum, but they won't stop with them, people like us will likely end up on the shit list as well IMO, and that's why I'm so negative about the so called steps forward in cannabis law reform, I expect we will get targetted a lot worse than we already are. 


And make no mistake, the Labor Party, which I used to believe in, are as heavily controlled by big corporate as the Coalition, so a change of government under our bullshit 2 party preferred system will make no difference to the injustice and bullshit of modern Australian so called democracy.  I'd say vote Green, but since that greasy fuck Di Natale took over the whole party has had a very corporate feel about it.  And as for independents, they all seem to be right wing wannabe's trying to feel like they're grabbing a bit of power while they feather their own nests with backroom deals.


What a depressing way to start my day :peace:

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