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Australia's cheapest hydro?


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Omg! I'm so broke! So I had some mars lights and a hydro grow unit, and a tent. I had some nutrients, but not much and no $$ to get more. And a handful of feminised photo seeds and some auto seeds. But I'm broke so I can't even pay elect. Given all this, I decided to have a go.

Week 1 - no nutrients, lights 16/8.

Week 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 - full nutrients. Week 4 I got paranoid about light pollution so cut lights back to 12/12. Didn't change the nutrients for this 6weeks.

Weeks 8, 9, 10 - changed nutes and left lights on 12/12. In week 8, one of my photos turned, so I pulled it. I hope it doesn't affect things too much.

No fans or extractors, just 2 small windows. Covered windows with pink curtains. Left one side of the tent open for air movement.

So today is day 70, and I'm starting to get a bit excited. Oh, and the photos are now flowering as well.post-57620-0-70290700-1480246924_thumb.jpgpost-57620-0-70290700-1480246924_thumb.jpgpost-57620-0-70290700-1480246924_thumb.jpgpost-57620-0-70290700-1480246924_thumb.jpgpost-57620-0-70290700-1480246924_thumb.jpgpost-57620-0-70290700-1480246924_thumb.jpgpost-57620-0-70290700-1480246924_thumb.jpg

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The content here within this cannabis community is for educational & entertainment purposes only. Any buying/selling or trading of illegal cannabis seeds, clones, flowers, resin or oil is strictly prohibited within this cannabis community.

My story is about how cheap, and by how much I bent the 'grow rules' to get me a crop. You may learn something from my story, or not - but I'm not selling anything, and never said I was.

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Day 77. Good mid sized heads, prolific, but not much crystals. The photos have small buds but are soaked in crystals. Wondering if this is a difference in autos/variety or if indeed it means a compromised quality. I'm feeling sad that I abused the photos so much, I guess I never really gave them much of a chance, but they are delivering anyway. Still haven't done a nute change.
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