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Growlush grofan

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These cheaps fans that are in allot of online hydro stores are touting some seriously good specs(better than a can-fan max) for the price point. Has anyone heard these running in person to back up the stats?


Grofan stats Vs Can-fan maxfan(double the price)


6inch growlush grofan: 52w, 375cfm, 37db!? $130 http://www.growlush.com/productcat/grofan/


6inch Can-Fan Max Pro: 46w, 353cfm, cant seem to find a solid db rating for this fan but im reading different websites between 50 - 70db $242! http://www.hydroexperts.com.au/Can-Fan-Max-Pro-Fan-150MM-6-Inch-353CFM-2-Speed-Mixed-Flow


Half the noise at half the price and comparible(on paper anyway) cfm, is this even possible?


Cheers for reading and thank for any help.


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Stats don't mean shit in this case.  If the brand "Growlush" is involved in any way shape or form, especially with electrical products, just stay the fuck away from it.  I'm sure you've heard the phrase "you get what you pay for", whilst this isn't always true it certainly is with Growlush. 


With an exhaust fan you want reliability, low noise, and good pulling power.  It is a critical part of your system, and like the carbon filter it's attached to is well worth spending good money on.


And if you want low noise, get bigger than you need with a speed controller and dial the speed back, works a treat.  Plus the cheap shitty bearings in a Growlush will make a racket within months.

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First centri I bought was a Growlush.
Noisy AF but it works fine on the veg tent with a the Growlush filter.

Originally I had them set up on a flower 'drobe. It was efficient enough that there was no smell unless you opened the doors.
By the time our first few plants were ready to chop, we'd saved enough to upgrade to a tent, westaflex fan, and I think it was a phresh filter. Maybe it was one of those can fan brand ones. It was a while ago, I can't rightly remember. We also got a cooltube which made a huge difference (for us) during the summer. 

Housemate and I were having to do everything as cheaply as possible when we first started. Even started with hand-me-down lights.

It's doable, but if you can afford better gear, get better gear.



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