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First time dwc grow


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Hey guys,


Thought I'd introduce myself as I am a newbie here.

Going to give dwc a crack, want to maximise the space I have and am seeking advice to be as efficient as possible where I can.

Thinking of diy 50L top fed bubbles.

Starting with 2 systems x 6 pots each then as they get bigger transplanting to individual systems.

I was originally thinking of only 4 plants in the tent but then thinking I should try and utilise the space I have.

Again this is first time with dwc, have very little experience with soil. (3 grows) but new absolutely nothing prior to that.

And to be honest I probably didn't learn a whole heap as well due to the teacher not really teaching me and wasn't really in to it as I seem to be know.

I've been doing a lot of reading and videos etc...

It's like I can't get enough info.lol

Loving the knowledge of only reading and want to get experience in.

So any helpful info would be much appreciated.

I haven't set up yet or anything because I'd like to get some views from you experts on the forum......

As soon as I do I will be posting pics hard....

So thanks in advance for reading this and all input will be much appreciated.



2 x 600w mh/hps cool tube



6" fans



Carbon filter


Grow tent:

2m x 2m x 2m



GH 3pack


Dwc system:

50L 6pot top fed bubbles



Ph meter, hygrometer, lux meter, ppm meter


Want to sgrog and Lst as well as I never did it with my soil grows because I never knew about it.


Will be starting from seeds in to rockwool.


Germination not a problem, but have never used rockwool before....lol


Once germinated seed goes into rockwool do I let sprout with or without light?


Do I use multiple 50L systems or get single buckets??? Or??? Idk.....


I think 6-8 plants should be ok in the 4m2 space I will be using.


Thanks again....






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Pictures always help to point you in the right direction.


I personally dislike rockwool for dwc. It stays mega wet and can cause rotting. Just a heads up so you can keep an eye on that as you go. Hope everything is going well!



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With your top feed you only need it till your roots hit the res. Once you roots are in turn it off that way the rock wool stays dry and no rot. My dwc didnt have a top feed at all. I just filled a coke bottle out of my res and tipped it in the top twice a day untill I seen the roots in the water. Your grow medium will stay moist enough with the bubbler and the roots drawing water in. The top feed is of no use once the roots hit the water. I just recently started my first dwc a little while back and I must say I like it. Another thing to watch is your nutes apparently half strenght is full strenght in dwc. I have only just gone to 600ppm in week 2 of flower and my plants are looking very happy.

In veg I was running 450ppm.

Obviously every strain is different but start low and work up higher as your plants tell you they need it. Good luck and happy growing.


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