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16/17 outdoor pic dump thread

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I liked the outdoor pic dump thread from last season. And it's getting closer to the time that we will be getting everything ready for this seasons.


So who's going outdoors?


Who's growing what strains?


How many?


Back yard or out bush?


Water saving ideas?


General brain waves for this season?



Even if this thread doesn't take off I hope everyone has a great season outdoors and to the indoor people I hope the heat of summer doesn't stuff you around.





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going to get some plants going outdoors this season.... probably should be getting started now I guess. !!


I am going to re use the same 2 holes from last year and probably add in another 5 or 6 depending how hard the bloody ground is in the spots I choose... all in the back yard.


Strains will be a mixture of the sweet seeds crosses I picked up last season, so just random seeds, hopefully not too many males !


I have an abundance of water, so no water saving tips.


No brainwaves either, other than not killing them with lazyness :) :)

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Fair enough ozzy. The one from last year seemed to go ok so I thought I'd start one for this season. But if it's deemed it should go, no skin off my nose.


Personally I'll be doing 6-8 plants again this year. In two to three different plots compared to all the eggs in one basket like last year. Scooped 2 spots so far with another still needing to be found/organized.


2x incredible bulk

2x Bisho purple

2x GG allin x bubble fuck

2x GG allin x another SSS strain


Still trying to figure out the best method for watering. Carting as much water as last year isn't as good an idea. Still toying with the idea of Earthbox or wicking bed ideas. Or a 100l drum with a timer splitting off into superset line for each plant.


Key this year is starting them late September early October rather than mid August. Lots of mulch and hopefully a good soil mix. I think last years soil was half decent it just had a lot of the nitrogen washed out by the rain.


Hoping to be able to buy everything I need in the next few weeks so I'm not rushing around trying to get everything organized too late



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I have started pic dump thread because they where asked for but where removed by admin in the past.


It is all ready starting to look like a diray.


You have layed out every thing you are doing like u would if u started a diary not a pic dump with no pics, just saying what it looks like as that is how admin will look at it...

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go for it T

earthboxes / sip's would be interesting

& if you go that way get some EM-1 to help keep your res healthy

will help bioremediate anything that gets in the res & die's


have seen sip res become frog habitat's which is very cool for bug control

& great at telling you how healthy things are

sip frog.JPG

finally got a pic in the pic dump!!

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