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In or out?

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Hey stoners. The growing season is nearly up n running so its time to get my fingers dirty. Im going back to guerilla this year so iv prob left this a little too late, though i think i mgt still scrape it in in terms of preparing holes and soil. Im not sure on what im going to do though. Its damn near basically sand haha but not quite if you know what i mean. Theres plants growing here ofcourse, but mainly shrubs and little trees and the like. Not too many over 7 ft which is perfect in my eyes as itl give plants pretty much a full days sun. My question is..

Sld i dig say 50lt holes and fill with my own soil?

Sld i use 50lt black smart pots above ground?

Sld i dig the 50lt hole and put the smart pot in there?

Or sld i use brown dirt warriors method and dig the 50lt hole and put in a black heavy duty bag with drainage holes and fill?


Any help would be great. Thanks guys

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It's personal choice and situation really.  In theory, digging a hole and filling it with quality soil after lining the sides with heavy builders plastic to stop other plant roots getting in is the best option, but after learning the hard way I'd recommend digging a hole and burying either a pot or bag in it filled with your medium.  50l will be a bitch to move, but if you think your plots been rumbled and need to move your plants in a hurry you'll be glad you have it in a pot or something.  On the upside, being sand it will be easy to dig up.


Might be worth editing your grow location details out of your post though Guesty, stealth and security first and foremost.

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Hey bro,yea true. Il op with the burying the 10 gal smart pot route then.


Haha yea i thought that,but if you knew where i was talking about youd realise how much of a needle in a hay stack it is. But i hear ya, why risk it.


Gunna be growing pennywise again,plus agent orange and hurkle this yr, gunna be a sweet harvest if all goes well

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Hey bro. Yea the time is nearly here :) yea very true. Think il take SPH's advise and use the geo's but in the ground. Something i have been thinking about though, whith the pots being geo's and made out of fabric, will i stil need to put some rock or clay balls,charcole etc for drainage?


Yea def need to do some research on cover crops. Have u got any links itchy? Cant remember if that was something you were helping me with last grow, i will do some searching on it now

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when you say drainage do you mean at the bottom of the pot or all the way though your soil mix

bottom of the pot i'd say no , though the soil mix as "aeration" & drainage,  yes , but that all depends

on what your site dictates , sandy soils , clay soils ect , & how often you can get to the site to water or not 


there's heaps on cover cropping , most related to farming 

do a search on no till cannabis cover crop & you should find a fare bit 


both these Oz companies have green manure seed mixes you can buy , a little more info on green harvest than edan 




the idea is to not let the green manure plant go to seed , chop it & let it lay as a mulch , if the plant go's to seed it use's 

all stored nutrients to produce the seed , which means not allot of nutrients left for the worms / bene's to brake down & feed ya plant 

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Yea i meant the bottom. No worries. I just went and bought a m2 of a soil mix. Its got chicken manure, Cow manure, mushroom compost and sandy loam or something like that. He recons the batch he got the m2 from has been there for over 6 weeks so id say it has cooled right down. Very airy soil which is good though id probly like it to have a bit more water retention. Might have to add some water crystals? Or some peat moss?

Plant on getting the soil sorted and in my pots within the week. Introduce some worms,drench of seasol and molasses and mulch. Stick em in my garage to keep the fukn fungas gnats away and let the worms and bene's do there thing till i get em on site in 4-6 weeks.


Thanks mate. Il look into it now :)

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peat can help & i use peat as 1/3 of my soil mix for a better cec, cation exchange capacity

but peat can dry if not kept hydrated , if it go's dry it becomes hard without a catch tray to

re-hydrate , it needs to sit in water for a little bit of time to be hydrated 

unless you can be pretty consistent visiting your plot (or have a watering system in place)

& are prepared to increase visiting times as plants get bigger then prob not an issue , if not

consistent then peat could be a prob , i say that as a grower in geo's above ground , how that

works once you have more protection form the elements in the ground , i don't know 


As far as filling the pots now go's that's cool as long as you can transport them easy enough to site,

treat the pots as a worm farm & feed the worms , mix in &/or top dress , kelp meal , neem meal, backyard leaves ,

grass clippings , straw , dried herbs , fresh herbs , FIWH has a layer method for basically the same end result , life in motion  


cook a meal for your other half but eat prawns , cray crab or generally crustaceans , keep , dry & crush the shells

do the same with egg shells & top dress them 


Get to a brewing store & get some pilsner malted barley , blend , then mix 1.5 cups to 1.5 cubic foot of soil

you could also add the same with bokashi to 1.5 cubic foot of soil


keep in mind as the worms make it though the pot , the pot is turning to shit , really it is , worm shit , some aeration 

now would be handy down the track , i use rice hulls , feeds fungi very slowly & adds silica , & 7mm scoria holds water &

home for bene's


keep the pot moist not dripping wet & your worms & microlife will be happy  , leave the molasses & seasol out 

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Thanks mate. Very nice info. Yea transporting pots sldnt b a problem. Car gets fairly close to plots.

Why do you say no molasses or seasol? Used them last yr and had great results.

A guy down the road sells worms for $7 a container. He had the red ones. Think there composting ones. My soil is fairly sandy. Not sure if the worms will like it or not. Smells very sweet and earthy though which is always good

Sld i just stick to the earthworms?

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