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How to Apply Diatomaceous Earth: 3 Application Methods

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Depending on the situation, there are several ways to apply diatomaceous earth: around the house, in the garden, on your pets, and many other places. It comes in a loose powder, so it can be messy to use without applicators or measuring utensils.

DE is most effective when dry because the diatoms will vigorously absorb unwanted spills and smells, or dehydrate insects. However, there are also circumstances, where a wet application is needed. Either way, DE will be effective once it dries. When applying diatomaceous earth (or any fine dust) in large amounts, you should wear gloves, a face mask, and protective goggles. This is to prevent irritation to the skin, eyes, and lungs and these items can be found on our accessories pagecontinue reading here https://www.diatomaceousearth.com/blog/how-to-apply-diatomaceous-earth/



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No amount of odor control save u from sticky beaks, moved into this new house and was tending my 2 largish plant when out of no where the new neighbor plonks a ladder against the fence and starts a convo first words that came outta my mouth were theyre my meds he casually replies ahhh i do9nt see shit like that and then continues to introduce me to his 10 year old son and telling me all about the old bore on our property he wouldnt mind seeing if he can use.


I was pissed off for days, still am i was liken who the fuck just looks over the fence like that anhd they arent ur normal 5ft fence im 6 foot 3 and cant see over them standing next to em i thought sweet high fences little did i iknow about the Esmay next door, now i gotta keep the prick onside forever


I dont stress to much about smells, to be fair i have only grow last 2 seasons and none of them have been what i would call pungent my mood may change if i drive down my street6 and smell a familiar smell and be like fook everyone can smell that

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