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Critique my outdoor organic soil mix

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Hi All

Just deciding on my organic soil mix

used a similar one last eyar with good results, just wondering what you think

any amendments i should add? etc etc

1 part canna special coco
1 part organic mushroom compost
1 part organic chicken manure compost
1 part organic worm castings

1 part perlite

For nutrients, at my disposal i have

brewed worm casting tea
Charlie carp
biobizz biogrow
biobizz biobloom
canna rhizotonioc
canna boost
canna zyme

I am also considering getting some sort of mycorrhizal innoculant - great white or something to icnrease microbe life.
I plan on using a mixture of these sparingly, increasing if need be based on the plants reaction.

I am growing in 30 gallon smart pots outdoors.

I am aware my mix may need additional epsom salts at the beginning of flowering.

What do you think? should i add/remove anything?


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How did this go for you?



I was wondering about mulch atm?

Last year i used the same mix but potting mix instead of coco.

and only biobizz, charlie carp, seasol, molasses, worm tea.

flavour was ridiculous, loads of terps. plants were happy but for the pot size didnt get the LB i was hoping for. although i think that was due to planting them to early.


i dont know much about mulch but it can help retain moisture if youre having issues with dry weather

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Go easy on the mushroom compost,   knew a lady who worked in a mushroom farm & she wouldnt use it, to many chemicals, just like chicken shit from meat birds, full of growth hormones, market gardners wont use it, but will use chicken shit from laying hens

Hormone supplementation in chicken feed is a practice that has been banned and not

practiced in Australia for over forty years

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agree with nutter , unless you know the source of poo or compost & it's clean then go for it other wise commercial stuff stay clear of 


i think you need 3 things for a good base soil mix , i use peat , compost or worm castings or 50/50 of both & aeration , i use 7mm scoria / lava rock 

best inoculant would be those castings & compost & even better if there home made , bagged stuff is treated to kill any nasties which kills everything

so home made is much better , you made it you know what you put in it 

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