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Aboriginal entheogen use

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I know aboriginals have used all kinds of entheogens in the past, for recreation and ritual. Eg: pituri

I know aboriginals respect all nature, plants, rocks and everything natural.

What is the stance in cannabis use for them? Do they respect it as a medicine and healing tool? Even though it's not native.

Most indigenous society's share the same beliefs about plants.


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Because the groups of men were killed and the women and children were taken into state care, not alot of culture is still around. Some groups are lucky and still know alot but it seems like "men's business" was hit hard and shaman practices would be in that. Dmt was obviously used with something like grapefruit juice before smoking ceremonies with acacia species. You would be lucky to find any real info coz it was wiped out. This is my opinions and I mean no offence.
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This makes me terribly sad! It's crazy to think sometimes the ones with most wisdom and understanding for each other and the world are the ones that get overlooked and dismissed!

I feel the world is starting to understand the ideas that indigenous cultures represent.

Does anyone know if the aboriginal people understand cannabis as another medicine? Or is it a taboo? I read somewhere that the Australian government didn't want the natives using it because it was not in there culture, obviously more brainwashing because they also stopped them using pituri.

I want to know how the elders view cannabis, do they just see it as another plant? I'm thinking because it was introduced they didn't really have time to use it or understand it, because it was a controlled plant and demonized later on.

I know this thread is a little of topic but it is all part of very good research to hopefully progress the cannabis movement in Australia.

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