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History of cannabis in Australia



Hey eveyone!

New to the forum moved from Australia to Canada to get more knowledge and hands on experience with cannabis and growing.

I've had a burning question that needs answers for, I have always been interested in the use of cannabis as medicine for healing and spiritual practices as well.

I want to know when cannabis was introduced to Australia? They say hemp seed came on the first fleet but I want to know if cannabis existed in any shape or form before European settlers?

Cannabis exists in every part of the damn world from China, Russia, Africa, Middle East, etc.

I also want to know if aboriginals ever used cannabis or a form/similar plant for any herbal remedies.

Did they use introduced cannabis?

Or was it already here in another form?

Does Australia have similar plants (rudelaris) maybe?

Thanks people.

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Yes this has sparked a deep personal investigation on how it got here and when, I believe native aboriginals did some trade with surrounding islands and cultures.

I'm sure cannabis arrived before we think it did. And I'm sure they adopted it into there medicine in one way or another.

Do you have any info on these ancient remains? That would be really valuable.


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Cant find anything about it, but it is in my head for some reason. I read it somewhere and it is something I believe. Aboriginal peoples had contact with alot of other cultures before white settlement. There are paintings and passed down stories all over the place. It suited colonists to invent their own version of history in whatever lands they infected. Places dont exist until they "discover" them.http://wakeup-world.com/2012/12/18/australian-government-media-caught-in-censorship-of-historical-archaeological-findings/

Like Buzz Aldrin saying the van allen belts didnt effect the apollo missions coz they hadn't been "discovered" yet.

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Hemp (Cannabis sativa) arrived in Australia with the First Fleet at the request of Sir Joseph Banks, who marked the cargo 'commerce' in the hope that hemp would be produced commercially in the new colony, growing enough to supply the British Navy with rope! For 150 years, governments in Australia actively supported the growing of 'industrial hemp' with gifts of land and other grants.


If you believe the shit they serve us

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yes.. i believe aborigines used it along time before white man showed up.


just my own personal thoughts..


there is references to herbs being used "eaten" and "smoked" and there is some trippy stories about the "dream time"..


i rekin cannabis has always been here.

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Just want to thank everyone for there input,

This small question has led to so much more about the wonderful history and spreading if can is throughout the world,

I really feel that the aboriginals would of had to have contact with other traders/cultures before the arrival of euro settlers.

The main question that still remains is....why does it seem cannabis spread like wildfire though out the known world but not so much in Australia? Or did it?

Did the native use it? Did it get eradicated?

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