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Hi and welcome aboard.


Most of the good seed in AU has been imported from one seed bank or another over time.


We may have done some crossing here and there but for the most part what most ppl in Au are growing are seeds from one seed bank or another.


And what most ppl have crossed the seed they keep pretty close.

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Real original Mullumbimby Madness is an old school Aussie strain with a rep, but good luck finding the real deal.


Like Oz said, we grow the same strains sold by international seed banks.  The reason our Aussie weed is best is because cannabis loves our Aussie Mongrel attitude and lifestyle, and reacts by growing better for us.  So what you need to do is drink a lot of VB, listen to a lot of old school Bon Scott AC/DC, and take some lessons in taking the piss, then your canna will grow better :D


We've got a couple of resident Yanks who seem to have learnt and grow some top shelf cannabis, so I'm sure you can as well.


But in all seriousness, your obsession with high THC, and concentrates, possibly points to a big part of your problem.  Great canna isn't about getting the highest and most concentrated level of THC, it's about getting a good balance of all the cannabinoids and terpenes in order to get a full and well rounded stone.  Sure, for some conditions high THC is the main requirement, but a good balance is more beneficial in all other cases.  I've grown strains rated at 24% THC, and others rated at 14%, and apart from noticing very little difference in real world potency on consumption, some of the lower ones have been better stones than some of the high ones.  It comes down to healthy plants being allowed to fully mature to the ideal point without being pushed too hard throughout their life.

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Again Hashy is correct, & ive proven , that leaving your harvest that little longer & not letting the ,     am i gunna get ripped off bug ,  or be to keen to try it , is always best


As for high THC strains,  Dr Krippling , boast there Incredible Bulk strain to be very high,   but in my personal experience the higher the THC the lower the yield , my best results for yield , easy to grow, nice smoke & good levels of THC are middle of the road strains , around the 15% mark & left to properly mature


All the seed banks have a list of there highest THC strains,   good luck



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