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Genuinely need help!



Ok so best mates mum has just been diagnosed with motor neuron disease. Lovely lady, mother of 5 and grandmother to almost 30 and great grandma to a few too!

Ok so we all know there no cure, but there's been great success in slowing shit down and prolonging life. Yeh sure I can make up some iso, cap it up and feed em to her, but there's no guarantee that I'm giving her what she needs regarding cannabinoids etc.

So this is where I ask for help. I'm not asking for anyone to publicly name or add any contact information in this post, but I am hoping/knowing there are people here in the know, have the contacts and are willing to point me in the right direction for a quality supply and info.

Those who haven't met me I understand ya holding out and not being sure of my sincerity, the who do know me, know I wouldn't fuck around when it comes to this kinda thing.

Still coming to terms with the crushing news, not sure how many rules I may have just broken, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Any information shared will be treated with utmost privacy. Please pm any help that's out there! Thanks guys!!!

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I'll vouch for Kron :) 


cannabis should be an adjunct medication- that is, she needs to take her Dr's prescribed meds AND cannabis to get the best benefits 

Not all MND's will benefit equally from cannabis -depends on what nerves/muscles are being attacked (legs n trunk vs head n arms)


She'll need 2 types of medication

one high CBD low THC

the other, high THC low CBD


High CBD will help with nerve pain and swelling, 

High THC and high CBD should not be given together, give at least 1hr apart for best absorption (per Aunt Zelda's).


generally patients are told to start with a rice-grain sized dose of unactivated oil -3 times a day- and work up from there.

Most patients are limited in how much they consume due to finances, if that is not an issue, the patient should take as much as they can tolerate each and every day.

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