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Northern Californian Looking for Start in Australia

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I am a grower from Northern California, I am looking for a property owner in Australia who would like to sponsor me to get started growing in Australia. I have access to the worlds best genetics and techniques. I have grown medical in Nor Cal for seven years. I want to bring the worlds best, techniques, genetics, and equipment to a new market. Here in California the corporations are positioning themselves to corner the entire market, and prices are fixing to crash. I'm seeking a new opportunity and market where my skills and experience can shine! I have my own investment money, years of experience, and genetics, all I need is a awesome partner who owns land, and wants to learn and earn some serious passive income. If interested contact me through this forum. Pictures, references, and consulting available upon request. I'm mostly interested in growing greenhouse, but have experience with indoor and outdoor as well. 


Thank You!!

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Mate if ur for real hit me up but first and for most I'm all about helping sick people for what it costs or if I can the dream is free oil for terminal cancer patients until the govt pulls their finger out and gets real on cannabis fill ur boots do all the trials u want just let us make our own informed decisions I'll happily sign away my right to say hey you should have stopped me. If I can't really help I don't wanna do it but I gotta have a go right? I'm not afraid of fronting a judge not jazzed about the klink but I would do it to put the spotlight right on the decision makers im far from the dream but I have started thanx to the don for asking where my free weed was before I call bullshit on his practice's lol


So if growing for the good then the fame interests you hit me up mate, time is ticking people are needlessly suffering and in some cases dying needlessly


Welcome to oz when I come if we don't talk again

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All details here on how to get a license




To get a cultivation license you have to prove you have a contract to supply someone with a manufacturing license, or first be granted a manufacturing license yourself.


You then need a cultivation permit. This only covers cultivation, not harvesting. Another separate permit is required for harvesting.


The average Joe will never be able to legally participate in this scheme.

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You Won’t Believe Australia's Security Rules for Medical Cannabis


Guidelines released by the Australian government this week mandate unmarked vans, protected vaults, and pocketless clothes for employees.


Want a license to grow medical cannabis in Australia? You’d better have a custom-built, high-security facility. And get ready for the government to vet your business associates and family members.


Full story here... https://www.leafly.com/news/politics/wont-believe-australias-security-rules-medical-cannabis?utm_source=FBPAGE&utm_medium=Social&utm_content=FP&linkId=30649125

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