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Super Silver Haze slow and small bud development, ideas?

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Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Growing Medium: coco
Growing Style:scrog
Watering/Feeding Frequency: every 3 days
Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC): 4ml canna coco nutrient per Litre H2O
PH Levels:6.2
Temperature/Humidity Levels: 40-60%
Air Flow/Fans etc.:yep
Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.): 600watt HPS x 3
Total Wattage: 1800
Growth Stage: Flower
Plants Age: 3 months
Cannabis Strain: Super Silver Haze


3.5 weeks switched over to flower and first flowers formed a week ago, but patchy.

First time with Super Silver Haze but Im having major issues with buds slow in forming and small. Cannot see any male bananas popping. Its very tight between the branches and a very compact slow grower when compared to the other varieties I've grown. In one photo you can see the Green Crack next to it and its powering along nicely, but not the Haze.


I have a veg box above this plant on the wall (24hour light) and some light was leaking, albeit very, very little, that's totally sealed now, but still not much growth in the heads and I would have thought it wouldn't switch at all if too much light was the issue.


Any ideas peoples on how to get the girl powering along?




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Yeah Ive had some do it before with a what I thought was a tiny bit of light Billy, however this was a lot less, maybe enough to do it though.


LED lights have been removed lookinggood when fans were installed, so all good there. I have noticed its a bit yellower in the leaves then the other two plants. I thought this was because its a different strain. They are all fed the same mix, ph 5.8 during veg and 6.2 flower. I have started to use the Canna PK added to the feed, would that be enough to remedy or...?

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Roots are a nice and thick matting near the surface and appear ok.

PH ok.

Nutrients are good.

Looking at the symptoms chart in Cannaversity its saying N, P, and Ca for stunted growth. Feeding NPK now so I guess its time to add some limestone, unless anybody else has some recommendations?


Nearly forgot, temps have been a bit wacked as of late as of the cool change. I'm running the Humidifier on low with lights on at night and on high during the day. This was keeping the humidity good, however temps were a bit off. Lights on temp 15-24c. Lights off 20-27c. Tonight I've left the Humidifier on high so that the temps are where they should be, higher during lights on then lights off. Could this make the buds small though?

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Something else that may have affected the bud development is after I switched to flower the plants went an extra day (4days, I was going 2-3 days during veg for feeds, depending on temps) without a feed and this Haze wilted and lost a few leaves. Would this have killed some of the roots too, thus not being able to absorb enough nutrients? Ive googled but found nothing to really boost root development during flower...

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