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an illusive dream - old aux variety i.d.

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Welcome to all, and many thanks for the time to read my first post.  I've been checking out many of the forums for a few months now and like what I have seen- glad to see a forum where many of the respondents can actually develop a grammatically correct sentence and offer evidence based arguments.   


My question regards a variety I have never seen for decades...and the problem is I don't know what the variety's correct name is.  After my soapbox rant about evidence based....my big problem is I have very meagre info to help out with a definitive identification.  I was working in Sydney in 1991 and one of the dude's that I worked with brought in this stuff mid way through the year.   I remember he called it "hash-buds".  It was outrageously expensive for the amount but inside the bag the "heads" just looked like orangey-resinous blobs about 15mm in diameter.  These buds appeared to be pretty solid and were almost as thick as a lifesaver.   He said he only got it once a year but that it was always great.  He wasn't lying either.  


Now bear in mind, this is over 20 years ago so my memory is obviously not perfect.  The high was divine, gentle warm warm head rush and feeling really stoned but clear and able to function.  Bloody brilliant...would love to be able to get some again.


ciao tutti....

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